HR Consulting and Training


Boosting Human Capital in the Golf Industry

At HR Golf, we know that the core of a successful company is a solid and well-trained human team. Therefore, we offer specialized services in Human Resources Consulting and Training, adapted to the specific needs of the golf sector.

HR Consulting

Compensation & Benefits

We create a clear framework of roles and responsibilities, essential for efficient management and the professional development of your employees.

Position Map

Through our advice on structures, roles and compensation systems, we seek to increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization.

Performance Reviews

We implement evaluation systems that promote personal growth and continuous improvement, contributing to the success of your team.

Employer Branding

We strengthen your employer brand, improving your attractiveness in the labor market and your ability to attract the best professionals.

Work Environment Surveys

We evaluate the work environment and propose actions to improve the satisfaction and commitment of your employees.



We offer personalized coaching programs to develop skills, enhance talents and improve individual performance.


Our leadership courses are designed to train your leaders in effective team management, inspiring and fostering a positive work environment.


We connect your employees with experienced mentors, facilitating knowledge sharing and accelerating career development.


We combine training with outdoor activities, creating unique learning experiences that encourage teamwork and overcoming challenges.

Team Building

Our team building activities are focused on strengthening team cohesion, improving communication and collaboration.

Tailored Training

We design personalized training programs, adapted to the specific needs of your company and your team.

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